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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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have a urinary tract infection? + home remedies ?

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I’ve heard the ones that are good are actually bad, and I want some real imput from those who have had one or know much about it..
Also if there are any good home remedies.. thank you so much!
I really appreciate it!

1: Take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of luke warm water and drink it. It destroys the germs of the bladder.

Soo Many Remedies

What foods naturally cure a Urinary Tract Infection?

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I have read that there are foods you can consume to raise your acid level in your urine that would eliminate the infection, does anyone know what they are?

Cleartract has a very special property that stops infection from sticking to the walls of your urinary tract but drinking lots and lots of it can have bad effects as well as it is too acidic. Some people on certain medication have to be careful with d-mannose as well. My granddad was told by a physician that he could not drink it as he was on warfarin. If you’ve been diagnosed with a UTI then your doc should prescribe you antibiotics. Drinking a barley water drink such as robinsons fruit and barley can also help with the sting when passing water, and making sure you drink plenty of water will help flush it out.

What causes the pain in the bladder and in the uterus during a uti?

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my bladder and uterus are aching really bad, i cant sleep. what would help with the sleeping during a uti?> i have been awake for days and am completely tired from fighting this. am on antibiotics.

The bacteria causes the tissues to become inflammed. There is a lot of “stuff” in your pelvic region, and when one thing gets irritable it tends to share the irritation with everyone. Kind of like having one grump in the crowd being a downer for everyone else. Sometimes you can calm them down by massaging the lower belly, or lying on your side with your knees curled up and hugging a firm pillow. Sometimes a heating pad will help, front or back as you find most comfy. You can also help shift the infection along faster if you will drink until your molars threaten to float out of your mouth. The more diluted you keep the urine, the less irritating it is to the bladder. Then it doesn’t spasm and set everything else off. Your antibiotics should start making a noticeable difference in 3-4 days. Depending on what you are taking, it may also be smart to lay off all the dairy products. Antibiotics kill a lot of the good bacteria in your gut, making it impossible to digest dairy products of any kind. That can give you diarrhea and gas, and that will really irritate everyone in the region. If you have been eating much dairy, that may also be some of the problem now. The end of the small intestine is right below your belly button, and then the large intestine starts. Gas in the system will make you feel crampy as well. In that case, the masssage will move things along to the exit as well, and also help. Sorry dear, it’s just a miserable situation.

Urinary Tract Infection symptoms but not UTI.. ?

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I had uti symptoms – burning sensation during urination then urge to urinate for a while after even tho i just had gone, my pee seems a lil cloudy sometimes.. but I went to the physician today and did a urine test and they stated i had no uti… so im going back tomorrow morning.
but I am antsy about it…
what could this be if it is not a urinatry tract infection? any ideas? I’ve had symptoms for like a week maybe a lil more.

alright im following up with this question for people who may have the same problem in the future…
I was tested for infections and they found nothing. they prescribed me uti antibiotics. and the symptoms are so much superior. Dr. is growing a culture- follow up apntment soon
okay on a second test my result came out positive for a uti

try some natural remedies for UTIs and check symptoms – see below

How can I treat a Urinary track infection?

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how do you get rid of a urinary track infection? do i have to go to the physicians? i don’t have health insurance right now..

Drink d-mannose and take Cleartract. Also, if you go to GNC, look in the vitamin section and on the label they will state things like “helps build immunity” and “cleanses urinary tract”. Look for those vitamins.