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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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UTI causes and cures

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Get rid of your Urinary Tract Infection quickly, safely and naturally — without taking expensive antibiotics, medication or paying for a visit to the doctors office. cure your UTI naturally


This step by step UTI Report is like nothing you have ever heard about, read about, or seen before.
Imagine the relief you’ll feel in 12 hours, when you’re completely free of pain, without an embarrassing trip to the doctor.


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Do urinary tract infection cause you to be REALLY late?

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Has anyone have one an been late on your period? Cause i just found out today from doc that i have one but im also late, my last period was on Nov.22 an im never late no longer than a week.
I've taken many test but all Neg.

But they also took blood work an want me to go in tomorrow morn to tell me results, do urinary tract infections cause you to be late?


No, it will not cause that.
Nor will the antibiotics.

New Clinical Study for Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome

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A short video to answer frequently asked questions about a new clinical study for interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome

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Can I get a urinary tract infection from saliva?

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I got a urinary tract infection for the first time in my life. The same day I found out I asked my husband had he been cheating on me and he told me yes. He also told me the girl he had been with only had oral sex with him and they never had vaginal intercourse. Is it possible for me get this infection if she had oral sex with him and right after he came home and had sex with me?

Probably not, UTIs are due to opportunistic infection by bacteria that are usually present normally. She probably didn't give your husband any bacteria that he didn't have already. I doubt that your infection is due to any bacteria that he transmitted to you, either, because usually it's caused by bacteria already present on your skin.

Sex can trigger UTIs from friction introducing skin bacteria into the urethra, but after that it takes them a while to multiply, so the initial invasion of bacteria probably took place a day or so before.

Does anything with effervescence in it cure urinary tract infections?

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For example, I've been taking Airborne tablets, effervescent tablets, and Emergen-C powder packets with water.

No it does not cure UTI and neither does d-mannose . You need antibiotic medication to cure UTI.

Cleartract is recommended to reduce the likeliness of UTI not preventive or cure.

See a doctor ASAP. You may have some other issues going on such as pregnancy.