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January, 2009 | Urinary Tract Infection ?

How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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How long should I give home remedies to work before taking antibiotics for an UTI?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection home remedy

I have had an UTI (urinary tract infection) for about 48 hours. I have been taking d-mannose pills and echinacea and drinking a ton of water but haven’t seen much of a change. I just wonder how long I should be trying this before going to antibiotics.

You can take home remedies unless it gets worse, but if it’s not getting better you might want to go anyway. Add hot baths to what you’re doing they will help with the pain, by easing the inflammation in your bladder. Bad signs- peeing blood, pain in the lower back, and a fever. Good luck!

can too much sex cause urinary tract infection?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection cause

Oh the myths involved with this one! It has nothing to do with being "dirty". It has nothing to do with "too much sex" what ever that might be. It does have to do with the way women are built and with friction, and with heat and with miosture and with bacteria. So if you like sex (we that do are blessed) and you are prone to UTIs (we that are are cursed – lol) be sure to

1. wipe your equipement from front to back
2. do stay dry (cotton undies – if you wear them)
3. do use soap and water daily (to keep the bacteria away)
4. do visit the cat box right after intercourse or any sexual stimulation
5. drink lots of fluids – keeps things from becoming stagnant
6. when you drink avoid caffiene, sodas

If you do the above there really should be no such thing as TOO MUCH SEX.

Urinary tract infection or something else?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection symptoms

About a month ago, I went to the doctor with the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. He put some test strip in a urine sample, saw there was bacteria in the urine, and prescribed antibiotics for a UTI. That medication was Sulfer-based and turns out I'm allergic to it. So I went back to the docs and got a different prescription. A week later, I still didn't feel any relief, so I went back again, and was prescribed Macrobid, being told this should do the trick. I then got my period a few days later, and the UTI symptoms disappeared until yesterday, a day after my period ended. Now today and yesterday I have had the UTI symptoms again…I'm so sick of it, and am wondering why it's not going away. Could it be something else? Any idea what it may be? Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Just as an added note, I have finished all medication prescribed to me (apart from the first ones that I am allergic to). But I have finished two courses of antibiotics, and have drank so much d-mannose in the past month I swear I'm turning into a d-mannose.

Go back to your doctor. Tell him what happen.
Maybe the antibiotic he prescribed are not doing any good on you. And besides UTI symptoms will not easily gone unless you finished the entire days left to take your medicine. Sometimes if your infection are high the treatment can last for 2 weeks and go to the doctor and perform again a urine test for assurance.
It's not easy to had an UTI but if you follow everything your doctor told you eventually you'll be alright.

Would it be a urinary track infection or kidney infection if your urine has a strong smell of ammonia?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary track infection

When you eat asparagus you can have that smell in your urine.

I have included a reference to an article in The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology below …

Reference: [Mitchell, S.C. (1989) Asparagus and malodorous urine. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 27(5), 641-642 (May)]

Any Home Remedy`s For This??

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection home remedy

lm pretty sure that l may have a Urinary Tract Infection. cause lt burns a bit when l go to the bathroom and lts irritable. plus lm also heavy discharging as well. is there anything l can do to get rid of this or is there any home remedy l can take rather then going to see a doctor?

You can try d-mannose but you need to drink 3-4 liters a day!..also you are assuming its an UTI..but it could be something else.Dont wait too long 1-2 days if not better go to DR!!