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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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I think my cat has a urinary tract infection. Any help out there?

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My cat, Itty, keeps hopping from litter box to litter box, (we have 2 boxes), we think it may be a UTI problem. We can't get her to the vet yet because she was a stray and not too socialized yet. Can anyone suggest any home remedies?

Whether or not she's social that doesn't matter. A vet is trained to deal with animals that don't want to be touched.
UTI's can turn into kidney infections which are really serious.
I suggest taking your cat to a vet and getting her some antibiotics. That'll be a lot cheaper than dealing with a kidney infection. Also as a human I know how painful UTI's can be, so for a cat is must really hurt.
Be a good owner and get her to the vet please.

help cure bladder/urinary tract infection naturally?

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I can not afford to the doctor for 2 days so I am asking if there is help for treating this other than drinking lots of water. thanks.

Cleartract and no caffeine

could urinary tract infection cause death??

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my cat little simba was such a lover boy..he had a terrible UTI and was rushed to the ER on monday..tuesday his kidneys started to fail and he had to be put to rest..he was only 1 years old..i dont know how god could do this to me after we tried and did everything to save his life. i had him cremated and asked him for a sign any sign he could possibly give me..well now i have a UTI i feel its his way of calling me to come to him..or to show me how he felt and let me know i did the right thing by not letting him suffer any longer..

sorry this is so long but can female adult humans die from this also?

You could if it was left untreated and it destroyed your kidneys.
But then, you could also die from a paper cut.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection, anybody? I'm in pain!?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection symptoms

I had a terrible urinary tract infection that spread to my kidneys over the holidays. The doctor offices were closed and I ended up in the emergency room because i was having excruciating pain.
Anyway, I have been on antibiotics since Christmas night and this morning I started having urgency, frequencly and pain during voiding again??? I have been taking the meds as prescribed so why would they all of a sudden seem to stop working?

If I were you I would go back to the doctors office and address this issue. If your antibiotics aren't working then you might need something stronger. Or possibly you have something else related to the UTI. I would go to the doctor again if it were me.

What is the best treatment for urinary track infection without taking a prescription antibiotic?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary track infection

My niece needs this information. Because she has a strong indication that she may be pregnant she does not want to take a prescription antibiotic.

This is what you do for UTI during pregnancy [I did it myself]:
Take 5,000 mg of Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C, the cheap kind. Other forms of vitamin C won't work for this, it has to be Ascorbic Acid) every day for 5 days.
Since the unborn child is developing rapidly and may not be able to tolerate a sudden deprivation of Vitamin C after 5 days of 5,000mg, it is vital to taper off. The 6th day, take 4,000 mg. The 7th day take 3,000 mg. The 8th day take 2,000 mg. The 9th day take 1,000 mg. The 10th day go back to your normal intake.
I did this and it worked fine, no problem. My doctor advised this and warned me of the necessity to taper off.
If you are not pregnant you don't have to taper off, just stop after 5 days.