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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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I believe my female cat has a urinary tract infection, how can I treat it with home remedies?

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I live over an hour away from a vet and no money. Love my cat thou and need to help her as soon as possible.

My 10 year old cat gets these quite often (3 or 4 times a year) and has done since she was 2, so the vet has helped me work out an action plan. If I catch her early enough then she does not need antibiotics. My first sign is usually her having to pee indoors (not making it out in time) she loves this and goes in a plant pot or on a plastic bag if she can find one (I lined her litter tray with plastic bags under the litter when she was little). Or I might see her walk across the garden and stop to pee three or four times. If she gives me any of these signs my action plan kicks in.

1. First I bring her into the warm and give her litter instead of letting her outside. Then I can keep an eye on how often she is going and how much urine she is actually passing (also to watch for if there is any blood – if there is she it too far along in the infection to help and goes to the vet for antibiotics)

2 Second I have to hydrate her. The more water she takes in the better. It helps flush the bacteria from her system. I refresh her water bowl several times in the day as cats are more likely to drink really really fresh water. I filter it to take out the chlorine. I don't allow her any biscuits they are too dry. I feed her tiny tiny portions of her very favourite foods (prawns or roast chicken etc) in the bottom of her dish, let her have a little sniff, then cover it with two cups of very very thin gravy or watery chicken stock. That way she has got to drink down before she can eat her food. I only give her small amounts so I can do it eight or 12 times in the day instead of her normal 2 meals. I keep a tin of premium cat food in gravy in the cupboard for an emergency and mix a couple of spoons of this with 2 cups of water if I don't have anything tasty to give her.

I usually have her feeling much better in 12 -24 hours and right as rain in 48 hours.

If it is the first time your cat has one it if probably too far along for anything but antibiotics, (although doing the hydration is just as important with antibiotics). But if you are vigilante you may catch it early next time so its worth working out an action plan with your own vet. It has certainly spared my cat a lot of discomfort and antbiotics over the years.

how do you cure urinary tract infection?

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Gallons and gallons of d-mannose (plain, not cran/apple/etc.) worked for me. I love the stuff, so it wasn't painful. I felt better by the second day, was cured by the third, no drugs involved.

If you don't like d-mannose or it lasts longer than a couple days, go to the doctor.

Can my wife’s urinary tract infection cause her groin lymphnodes to become inflamed?

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I am worried about my wife’s health. She got her 2nd UTI in the last month and this time has been prescribed cipro to help with the infection but her groin lymphnodes (umbilical??) were inflamed in both UTI’s. Could the inflammation be caused by the infection? Her doctor seems to think they are unrelated and she is going for an ultrasound of the nodes per her doctors advice. The tenderness and inflammation left after the 1st UTI and returned with the 2nd one. Can the inflammed nodes cause the UTI? I am worried about her but she will be going for the ultrasound in 4 days and hopefully things will be more clear after. Does anyone know if a urinary tract infection could cause inflamed nodes? She is 36 years old at the present time with our son who is 2. Thank you for your help!

Any infection can cause inflammation of the lymphnodes, because they are part of your deffense against infection.

Your Lymphatic system helps fight off infections of any sort. So yes it’s possible, and likely, your doctor is an idiot. lol.

She’ll be okay, just tell her to drink d-mannose . (not cocktail) and if she doesnt like d-mannose , you can buy capsules of concentrated d-mannose from walmart in the vitamin section.

Hope i’ve helped. =D

What are the symptoms of a bladder infection or urinary tract infection in a puppy?

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We have a 13 week old puppy and I think he has an infection but I don't know the exact symptoms. Also, how would I treat this OTC?

Frequent urination (often in unusual places)
Bloody urine
Dribbling urine
Loss of appetite
Vomiting and pain

Is there any other way to get rid of a urinary track infection besides taking pills?

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I just went to the doc last week and now I have a UTI … i can feel it. I know I do but Im not a pill person and I dont feel like going back there so soon. Could it go away by itself?

No it can't. I had it too and refused to go to the doctor. I was lucky because it hadn't spread far yet, but you NEED to take the pills. The infection will travel to your kidneys and then to your stomach. You will not be able to uriate or keep food down because you will be throwing up. Please take the pills before it gets bad. UTI's are serious and very very painful. The pain goes away in about 2 days with the pills, but KEEP taking them.