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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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14 year old Fundie dies in Oregon

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection cure

This not-so-sad death is the result of his family being a bunch of ignorant es and deciding to pray for him to heal, rather than use medicine, or (God forbid) treatment at a modern hospital.

Duration : 0:6:30

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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease FLUTD Video Brief

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection symptoms

FLUTD causes painful symptoms in cats and can even lead to death. Learn to spot the signs of the disease to reduce your cat’s risk of advanced infection.

Duration : 0:1:0

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Urinary Track Infection: The Crone

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary track infection

UTI takes down the crone

Duration : 0:3:54

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Is there a home remedy for a Urinary Tract Infection?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection home remedy

Is it wierd the I'm on my period and have a UTI? Could that be normal?

They have something OTC (over the counter) called Uristat I think – that helps.

Other then that, d-mannose , d-mannose chewables are good too, and lots of water – and when you feel like you have to "go" – GO!

Can a urinary tract infection cause a seizure?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection cause

My stepdaughter has been recently diagnosed w/ pinworms, yeast infection and today had a seizure caused by a uti. (the doctor's say) She has type 1 diabetes, as do I. I have never had these many problems growing up w/ diabetes. My question ( sorry ) is… have u ever heard of uti causing seizure?

I have never heard of a UTI causing a seizure but I wouldn't rule it out. I am sure that it is a combination of all of ailments conditions. I doubt that the pinworms played much part in it but the UTI and yeast infection compounded with type diabetes probably contributed to it. I hope she gets better soon.