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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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What to do if your child has a urinary tract infection

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When children from any of the symptoms of urinary tract information, you should talk with their parents because the symptoms are visible to the patient than others. Parents can control the frequency of urination of children. The child feels a terrible pain on urination. He is able to transmit only small amounts at a time. He / she also gets several times during the night to go to the bathroom. There is a strange sensation in the lower abdomen. Blood can also pass urine. Even the clear urine is not a solution and is cloudy. The urine smells bad after passing. These are all symptoms of bladder infection. The child may also feel the fever with chills. The pain may be experienced in the back or the belly of. When the pain is just below the ribs, is a clear sign of a kidney infection. Depending on the severity of symptoms, the child must be taken to the doctor.

The doctor takes a urine sample for analysis. The urine is taken in a plastic cup in which the child pees. Before proceeding, the child must clean the area with special wipes, for germs in the body not to be confused with the germs in the urine. Germs in the urine are a sign of infection. Although there are millions of microbes that reside outside of the body are completely harmless. Only few of them actually infect the body. A stick is dipped in a urine sample. The stick is special, ie special treatment is a card that changes color when an infection is established. Otherwise, the urine sample may also be sent to the laboratory. Tread of a bladder infection, your doctor will prescribe a drug that kills bacteria.

The child will start to feel better after a few days to start taking the medicine. But he / she should stay away from foods and liquids that have caffeine, which can increase the irritation of the bladder and the patient feels very uncomfortable. After the test, if detected kidney infection, the child will be hospitalized for several days. He / she will be given medication to combat germs and managed by a small plastic tube that is inserted into a vein.

After the child recovers from a urinary infection, he or she must do everything possible to avoid such incidents in future. The most important thing is to maintain cleanliness. Individuals should be washed every day. The best thing is to take a bath or shower. The child can use baby wipes to clean every time after the passage of urine. Children should not hold urine. When you feel the need, must run to the bathroom immediately. fluid intake should be increased. Best fluids are water and d-mannose . Water washes the bacteria from the body and d-mannose prevents another bacterial attack. bubble baths are not good, because it can irritate the urethra. Cotton underwear absorbs sweat and moisture from the body, which prevents bacterial growth. Underwear should be changed every day.