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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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some symptoms of urinary tract infection?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection symptoms

i dont know if i have a urinary tract infection or not because i do not have all the symptoms. i dont have a urge to pee only when i come home from school because i never..ever pee at school. and it never burns..ever..but my urine smells really bad..and when i say bad..i mean..a really odd smell..also my urine is cloudy..sometimes it would be a clear color..than the next day it would be a dark color..than the next day it would be light clear color..than it would turn cloudy..well..its different each day..do i have a urinary tract infection or..is this caused by the things i eat? because my chemistry professor told me that the food you eat can effect the smell in your urine.

please someone help me..i do not want to go to the doctors at all..is this a urinary tract infection? or is this just..caused by the food i ate before.
also..it is not a yeast infection..i know that for a fact

If you have a UTI then you will have a burning sensation when peeing. That is what drives me crazy the most. Besides feeling like I have to pee every second.

You may want to talk to your doctor you could have a yeast infection or another type of infection to give you the odor.

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  1. gemmyt Says:

    I've never had one but I think the major symptom is a burning sensation. I too have heard that what you eat my affect it. Do you take vitamins, they too can change the color and the smell. You really should talk to a doctor.
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  2. Orinoco_W Says:

    Sounds like you could have a urinary tract infection. If I were you I'd go to the doctors to get a urine dipstick test first – and antibiotics if it is. If you haven't already, drink lots of water, maybe d-mannose if you like that. There's also some stuff you can get from the Chemists to make your urine alkaline – it'll take the sting away "Ural" or "Citravescent" or something similar.

    The fact that it becomes clear is somewhat against a UTI. What is it that you are eating? Asparagus?
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  3. Keith Perry Says:

    If you have a UTI then you will have a burning sensation when peeing. That is what drives me crazy the most. Besides feeling like I have to pee every second.

    You may want to talk to your doctor you could have a yeast infection or another type of infection to give you the odor.
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  4. butterflyindisguise Says:

    I will tell you right off the bat you do not drink enough. You really need to up your water intake! I am not a doctor but I would bet you just need to drink alot more. If your worried and it sounds like it would be mild then drink Cleartract . The kind not loaded with corn syrup and the like. As natural as you can get! Good luck and don't be afraid of the Doc, sometimes your better off to go then to wait!
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  5. spaharionline Says:

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  6. Monique M Says:

    The urge to frequently urinate (thought not actually seem to get anything out) and a burning sensation are the two main symptoms of a urinary tract infection. You may have an actual bladder infection, however (especially if it's itchy down there). And while the food you eat may affect the smell of your urine, it doesn't usually cause as many different variations as you seem to have (unless of course you're going to a Moroccan restaurant one night, a Thai place another night, and doing Sushi for lunch). I would take a really close look at what it is you're drinking (or rather, not drinking). If you drink say two cans of pop (soda, wlovever) a day and that's it, then you're dehydrated, as evidenced by the dark cloudy color of your urine. On other days, when you drink say three bottles of water, your urine may be light and clear. Generally, the clearer and lighter your urine, the healthier you are.
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  7. May I help You? Says:

    Ok, if you have any infection you need to see a doctor….as what you describe can be life threatening, and it could be something totally different that what you "self diagnosed". Please call the doc.

    for many sites to tell you about urinary track infections.

    Cystitis, a common condition, is usually caused by a bacterium from the anus entering the urethra and then the bladder. This leads to inflammation and infection in the lower urinary tract.

    Certain people are more likely to get UTIs. Women tend to get them more often because their urethra is shorter and closer to the anus. Elderly people (especially those in nursing homes) and people with diabetes also get more UTIs.

    In addition, the following risk factors increase the chances of getting a UTI:

    Pregnancy and menopause
    Kidney stones
    Sexual intercourse, especially if you have multiple partners or use a diaphragm for birth control
    Prostate inflammation or enlargement Narrowed urethra
    Immobility (for example, during recovery from a hip fracture)
    Not drinking enough fluids Bowel incontinence Catheterization

    Signs and tests Return to top

    Tests generally include taking a urine sample:

    A urinalysis commonly reveals white blood cells (WBC) or red blood cells (see also RBC – urine).
    A urine culture (clean catch) or catheterized urine specimen may be performed to determine the type of bacteria in the urine and the appropriate antibiotic for treatment.
    A mild case of cystitis may resolve on its own without treatment. Because of the risk of the infection spreading to the kidneys, however, antibiotics are usually recommended. It is important that you finish the entire course of prescribed antibiotics.

    In children, cystitis should be treated promptly with antibiotics to protect their developing kidneys. In the elderly, prompt treatment is recommended due to the greater chances of fatal complications.

    Commonly used antibiotics include:

    Sulfa drugs (sulfonamides)
    Doxycycline (should not be used under age 8)
    Quinolones (should not be used in children)
    Most non-elderly adult women only need 3 days of antibiotics. If the infection has spread to one of the kidneys, you may need hospitalization to receive hydration and antibiotics through a vein.

    A chronic or recurrent UTI should be treated thoroughly because of the chance of kidney infection. Antibiotics may need to be given for a long period of time (as long as 6 months to 2 years), or stronger antibiotics may be needed than for single, uncomplicated episodes of cystitis.

    Use of low-dose antibiotics on a daily basis may be recommended to prevent UTIs if you get frequent infections.

    Phenazopyridine hydrochloride (pyridium) may be used to reduce the burning and urgency associated with cystitis. In addition, acidifying medications such a ascorbic acid may be recommended to decrease the concentration of bacteria in the urine.

    If an anatomical abnormality is present, surgery to correct the problem may be recommended.

    Expectations (prognosis) Return to top

    Cystitis is uncomfortable, but usually responds well to treatment.

    Complications Return to top

    Chronic or recurrent urinary tract infection — defined as at least two infections in 6 months or at least three in 1 year
    Complicated UTI
    Kidney infection
    Calling your health care provider Return to top

    Call your doctor if you, or your child, have symptoms of a UTI. Call right away if there is fever or chills, back or side pain, or vomiting. These symptoms suggest a possible kidney infection.

    Also call if:

    You have diabetes or are pregnant.
    There is discharge from the penis or vagina.
    The penis or vagina is painful, or sexual intercourse is painful.
    You suspect a child may have been sexually abused.
    There is blood or pus in the urine.
    The symptoms come back a short time after treatment with antibiotics.
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    GOD looks down at us and smiles.. I pray for your recovery.

  8. rea4154 Says:

    Its painful or a burning sensation during urination. Also your urine will come out in spurts or little at a time not a constant stream. Try Alka Seltzer NOT THE Alka Seltzer Tylenol sinus stuff and or Cleartract or Azo Cleartract capsules you can buy all these at the store.
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  9. utiiutiw Says:

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  10. laravarela Says:

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