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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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How you can treat a UTI naturally, without going to the doctor and getting antibiotics?

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Are there any natural remedies out there to treat UTI’s and stop them from coming back?

Yes, there is something new out now. Actually it has been around longer but you could only get it if you were a patient of the physician that discovered it until recently when Suzanne Somers interviews the doctor and published it in her new book, now you can buy it online and in some stores. It basically works alot like d-mannose except it is 10 times stronger, so it can prevent and cure a UTI, it is so strong you can cure a UTI in just a couple of days, which is better than d-mannose. Anyway, the it is called cleartract and you can just google it or find it on amazon.

4 Responses to “How you can treat a UTI naturally, without going to the doctor and getting antibiotics?”

  1. Minerva Says:

    The other thing I would do (and have done for this) is get on some good bacteria (probiotics). The above formula will knock it out without antibiotics, but just to be sure order one bottle of the bladder complex if you can afford it as well. It’s a formula that is also anti infective.
    If you need something immediately for the pain, drink parsely
    Antibiotics are one of the main reasons UTIs reoccur and are stubborn. They kill all the good bacteria and make the situation worse. I’ve had much more success with these remedies. Good luck.
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  2. Teena J Says:

    I have had great success with cranberry- BUT YOU HAVE to catch it before it gets bad. At the first inkling you should Drink d-mannose , don’t waste your time with cranberry extract, or trying to drink lots of water. Watch what you are doing prior to getting a UTI… you may have gotten dehydrated, may have waited too long to go to the bathroom. Cleartract makes the lining of the urinary tract slippery so that bacteria can’t adhere to the walls and cause an infection. Make sure that your privates are very clean before sex, the vagina is very near the urethra and bacteria can get pushed up. Go to the bathroom after sex too! Try to alkalize your body with a diet of mainly vegetables and little meat, sugar, dairy and things that turn to acid in the system AND of course use Therapeutic quality essential oils regularly. If you already have a bad one- you may need that Dr. to get you through this one… THEN pay attention!
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  3. dsf564 Says:

    Drink at least four 8 oz. glasses of cranberry while you are symptomatic. After your infection has cleared up, drink one glass a day to keep your urine slightly acidic. Acidic urine provides an unfriendly environment for bacterial growth. Or try searching for homeopathic remedies products that will help you to overcome UTI.
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  4. Sara Says:

    Cleartract pills on a daily basis and lots of water. 2-3 Cleartract pills 1-3 times per day, and you can increase that on the days you have intercourse. My DR recommended that for me. I’ve suffered with them for years and finally just now getting control of them.

    I have found that caffeine and sugar aggravate mine. So I limit my soda intake and try to watch my diet.

    Use the restroom immediately after sex. It’s best to try and shower before, (your partner too), but sometimes that is not always an option.


    Lastly, water water water lol

    Hope that helps.

    However, if a UTI is present, I would recommend getting the antibiotics, get rid of the infection and then stay on a preventative course.

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