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14 year old Fundie dies in Oregon

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection cure

This not-so-sad death is the result of his family being a bunch of ignorant es and deciding to pray for him to heal, rather than use medicine, or (God forbid) treatment at a modern hospital.

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8 Responses to “14 year old Fundie dies in Oregon”

  1. ssnsailor Says:

    I agree. The bible …
    I agree. The bible is clear on this point. I call on all good christians to stone to death all disobedient children, sell there daughters into slavery when they shame them or can’t afford them, take slaves from far away heathen lands (Africa?), and stay away from all women on the rag. It’s all in the bible. So take that you Liberal s with you tolerance and reason. You think education and understanding are the answer, WRONG!!!


  2. RightWingRightMind Says:

    Liberals are the …
    Liberals are the insane ones here. They believe that it is normal for a man to another man in the .
    That is just how disgusting liberals are.
    Any NORMAL person would be able to tell that it is JUST PLAIN WRONG for two people of the same gender to “have sex” as they call it.
    It is PUSHING in my opinion. I dont know why it is even clled “gay sex”.

  3. serpentine96 Says:

    it’s mindless …
    it’s mindless drones who create mindless drones,and all of them make me sick or me off…why hurt someone or mentally/physically afflict another living being for FAITH,something which can’t be proven to be true,but you feel is true….die in the name of your lord? I may be wiccan,but….humans like this are foolish…no matter WHAT religion,mindlessly following it or becoming this crusading…tool because of a book or books is just wrong…You said it all in a nut shell good job Styx

  4. CharliesChild Says:

    They are so …
    They are so stupid. A couple of weeks ago where I live…A 13 year old boy was tied to a tree as punishment by his parents and the weather here was unbelievably hot so he died. Just goes to show how ed up people are.

  5. cndymn0863 Says:

    If your going to …
    If your going to bad mouth something you should look into it a little the boy was 16 and not a mormon he was from a small church called Followers of Christ that has a following of about 1200 and wasn’t America really started because of religion

  6. Witchyshaman Says:

    That’s ed up… …
    That’s ed up…….
    Senseless act of stupidity!
    5 stars bro………

  7. manchester911 Says:

    A child of 14 is …
    A child of 14 is not mature enough to make that decision on their own. Their thought process and brain are still growing and changing. He based his decision on the only thing that he ever knew without being able to explore the options and world as a whole. Child Protective services should get involved and charge those parents with neglect and/or homicide.That child died a needless and agonized,painful death.This is not a third world country!

  8. Methadone4Life Says:

    I think his parents …
    I think his parents should be charged with murder. If you are an adult and want to believe in bullshit and invisible beings in the sky that is your choice,however,these kids are so warped and brainwashed by religion that they cant even see straight. Shame. The RELIGIOUS RIGHT IS WRONG!! People are really idiots..scary. 90 percent of all serial killers have some religious fanatic parent or guardian that warped them as a child. Take care Styx. I enjoy your channel bro.

  9. pycupuke Says:

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  10. pycupuke Says:

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