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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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Urinary Tract Infection…..HELP….!!!!…Please…?

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection home remedy

I think I have a U.T.I..I have had it for 2 weeks straight…I have to go pee every few minutes and usually its just drops that come out…Its annoying as hell!!!…Im even losing slepp because I keep having to go to the bathroom….I dont want to go to the doctor because Im embarrased that they might have to examine me….lol…Does anybody know any home remedies….???…HELP
But whats weird is it does not burn when I pee…and thats a sighn of a U.T.I….

They dont need to examine you. They only need a urine sample. Meanwhile go to your local pharmacy and buy some Azo. You want the blue box. You will be able to pee within 30 minutes of taking it and it will relieve the symptoms but it will NOT cure the infection.

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  1. doodlebuttus Says:

    You need to go to the doctor to find out if you have a UTI. It is caused by bacteria, and no home remedies will cure it once you have a full-blown infection. If you don't get it treated, it can spread to you kidneys.
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  2. str8talker Says:

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  3. Kym-berly B Says:

    They dont need to examine you. They only need a urine sample. Meanwhile go to your local pharmacy and buy some Azo. You want the blue box. You will be able to pee within 30 minutes of taking it and it will relieve the symptoms but it will NOT cure the infection.
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  4. missmary Says:

    just go to your family phsyician. the most they will do is ask for a urine sample and some blood tests. they should not have to examine you.
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  5. Celebrate Says:

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  6. Maw-Maw Says:

    For a UTI they do not give an exam.They get you to urinate in a cup to check for it.Sounds like a kidney infection,they can get worse as time goes on.Please got to the doctor,it will be easy to diagnose.Don't wait til it gets worse.
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  7. Shelli Says:

    When I had one, they just took a urine sample and confirmed it. They then prescribed me antibiotics to kill it. No exam required.

    Use Uristat (found at Walmart or Walgreens) to relieve any pain you are having when peeing. It will turn your pee neon yellow, but not to worry, it works very well.

    In the future, if you're having sex, make sure to pee right after you come to prevent infection. Good luck!
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  8. daisycm Says:

    you really should go to the doctor if u know u have one and its that bad but you can drink d-mannose to help a little bit….you have to drink a LOT of it though. buy a few bottles and drink drink drink. if you dont feel better at all please go to the doctor dont be embarrassed they dont care
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  9. ivillage4women Says:

    A urinary tract infection (UTI) may be a very annoying and uncomfortable experience. However, you may have one without realizing it. Not everyone with a UTI will exhibit noticeable symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they may vary greatly from one person to another. The symptoms that many women experience include:

    Dysuria, pain or burning during urination. The infection, particularly in the urethra, may make urination painful.

    Intense or frequent urges to urinate. This may occur even if there is little urine to pass. Bladder infection can make you feel that your bladder is very full when it is not.

    Check out the information on UTIs from iVillage.com below. I think it will answer your questions!

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  10. Lisa Says:

    frequent urination is a sign of a uti, they would not do a pelvic examination for a uti just take a sample. Also frequent urination is a sign of some std's. I would go get this checked out. I get uti's all the time, they are painful and it feels like you have to pee all the time. In the mean time you can go to a local pharmacy, grocery store, walmart and get some azo it takes the pain away but does not treat so you still need to go to a dr. Drink lots of water and d-mannose . Hope this helps
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  11. ditdit Says:

    drink plenty of water and at least an 8 ounce glass of d-mannose that is sweetened with fruit s not sugar everyday.
    steer clear of white sugar and white bread for as long as you can.
    wear cotton underwear .
    and weird as it may seem- drink a full glass of water before you take a hot shower it'll help you void more easily.
    It could be a stone . so just eat lightly and do the above- you should feel better in 3 days.
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  12. rickey_d Says:

    look up urinary "frequency"….also known as polyuria..you have to pee constatntly..some times it can be caused by a UTI which can only be treated with antibiotics..sometimes over active bladder…and many other things..never be embarrased to take good medical care of yourself!!!
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  13. tina t Says:

    i had it too n fr what i know it should hurt as hell too!!!!!! the best advise u can get is to visit a doc who will do a urine test to confirm it n u will be prescribed with some antibiotics which will really help u. dont be shy, the doc would have seen hundreds of UTI cases n besides u r paying for it! ;p
    in the meantime drink lots n lots of natural d-mannose , it really helps. keep drinking lots of water too….gd luck.
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  14. misysu2 Says:

    You have some interesting symptoms. For a classic UTI, you will feel urgency and frequency in urination. For me, it gets worse very quickly and peeing is extremely painful and sometimes bloody.

    There are a couple of home remedies you can try. I've managed to kick one UTI this way, but only once. If you have a good immune system, your body can kill the bacteria. Drink tons of water to flush your bladder out. TONS of water. Also, d-mannose (NOT d-mannose cocktail) has natural antibiotic properties which kill bacteria in the kidneys and bladder. I like 100% d-mannose by Ocean Spray.

    You should know that if you go to the doctor all they will ask you to do is pee in a cup and test for the bacteria. UTI's are very routine. Also, if you tell your OBGYN or family practice doctor that you're prone to getting UTI's, they can write this down in your record. That way, if it happens again, they can call a prescription in for you without your having to visit the doctor every time.

    If it keeps up, though, PLEASE GO SEE A DOCTOR! This will spread to your kidneys and beyond if you don't take care of it!
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  15. nomaade Says:

    well the first thing u can do is go to rite aid or any other pharmacy and buy a home test so at least you will know if you have UTI or not. ask for the Cleartract home test strips as I remember they go around $9-$10. If you test positive you need to contact your doctor (and you shouldn't be embarrassed) but in the mean time to treat your symptoms you can use Cleartract standard and drink a lots of d-mannose .


    good luck
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  16. Helpful2U Says:

    You have to see your doctor! They usually just ask for a sample that's all. You go in a private bathroom They will check it right away. If it turns out you have an infection, the prescription they give you will end misery PRONTO! Those remedies they sell at the pharmacy don't cure it. Azo has a dye in it that can ruin your clothing.
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  17. stevie_k_29 Says:

    I am one who frequently gets UTI's due to a short ureter. I know all the tricks. Some will tell you to take large doses of concetrated d-mannose . Cleartract acts as an analgesic, however, this is only before you start having symptoms. Once symptoms of UTI start, it is too late and d-mannose will actually add to the acid content of your urine and cause a burning. I use Cleartract standard (sold over the counter at most drug stores) or Uristat. It gives pretty immediate relief, but it is only temporary relief. It will not "cure" the UTI. It will turn your urine VERY orange, so don't freak out. You still really need to go to the doctor. Don't be embarrassed. UTI's are very, very common in women. They are going to make you pee in a cup, put a tester stick in it and probably give you a prescription for an anti-biotic, which if you been having symptoms for two weeks, it sounds like you need the meds. There should be no need for a pelvic exam. You really shouldn't go too long with symptoms b/c it can lead to a bladder infection or can cause scarring of the ureter which will make you predisposed to incontenence (urine leakage) later in life. Nothing you really want to deal with.
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  18. reenie_chocolate2000 Says:

    You need to go to the doctor before it get worse. The bacteria can travel to your kidneys. You need antibiotics! All you have to do at the doctors office is urinate in a cup. Your local drug store will have pills that can relieve the pain BUT the infection will not go away! And drink lots of d-mannose or water. Good luck!
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  19. Brooke Says:

    Antibiotics are the typical treatment for urinary tract infections. Which drugs are prescribed and for how long depends on the type of bacteria found in your urine when the doctors test it.
    Half of all women will develop a UTI during their lifetimes, and many will experience more than one. This is a common thing for doctors to see in women, but letting it go for 2 weeks is not a good thing. At this point if you do have a U.T.I, you'll need some antibiotics because of the risk of the infection spreading to the kidneys.
    Drinking Canberry is good for your urinary track as well but will not get rid of it alone.
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  20. sandi Says:

    it could be a UTI it could also be interstitial cystitis (IC) it could be a lot of different things. If it is a UTI you need to be treated ASAP, so please go call you clinic or doctors office and get an appointment to be seen.
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