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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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How to Get Rid of Bladder Infections Naturally!

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You can find D-mannose at your local health food store.

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26 Responses to “How to Get Rid of Bladder Infections Naturally!”

  1. lordhriley Says:

    I don’t know about …
    I don’t know about this. I need a more scientific explanation of why the E-coli get off the walls and what they are doing on the walls in the first place.

  2. biglil73 Says:

    Oops!! I forgot to …
    Oops!! I forgot to mention: if you have a UTI, it is probable that your immune system is run down, so help fight off infections with raw garlic (swallow a small clove as if it were a capsule) and lots of echinacea.

  3. biglil73 Says:

    I learned many …
    I learned many natural remedies after years of living with wise folk in an alternative community. To counteract the acidity in the urine, strip the leaves off an ear of corn and collect the silky strands between the leaves and the cob. Put these in a mug or jar, pour about 100 mls of boiling water in, and sit to cool. Drink!! This will usually reverse a UTI, although it must be caught in the early stages. hope this helps.x

  4. ginavoce25 Says:

    Try drinking plenty …
    Try drinking plenty of water and urinating IMMEDIATELY after sexual intercourse. It does help a lot.

  5. tigrepalenque Says:

    it’s not funny. I’m …
    it’s not funny. I’m asking if there is any way of getting rid of UTI permanently. I’ve had it recurring for 10 years and I am looking for a permanent solution, not taking antibiotics or natural remedies every time I have an outbreak. But if you don;t know that’s fine. Most doctors don’t know either.

  6. Melissa230984 Says:

    Whats the point of …
    Whats the point of takin the dmannose if youre ok…lol…I’ve had utis for 4 years though and this stuff really helps…..

  7. mzr00001 Says:

    thank you, it is …
    thank you, it is warming to see a educated person on the internet that doesnt just waste the time of our lives.

    keep it up.

  8. fishermgcj Says:

    Great video, Sean. …
    Great video, Sean. Let tell you about my bladder infection cure. I used to have a huge problem with frequent outbreaks. I read that Vit C helps and devised a system that I call my “2 grams every time you pee” cure. When I feel the first symptoms I take 2 grams of Vit C (not time-release) and drinks lots of water. Every time I pee I take another 2 grams of C. The symptoms are always gone in 24 hours and usually in less. Cheap, easy and very effective! And, no more antibiotics! Thanks, Ginny

  9. tigrepalenque Says:

    I want to know if …
    I want to know if you take the Demanose when you are actually not suffering from an outbreak will that get rid of the problem once and for all? So that the infections never come back?

  10. dougerb09 Says:

    serious question:

    serious question:
    if you get poop on food, and eat it, does that cause you to get sick with e-coli (or however its smelled)??

  11. guido7467 Says:

    cause the D-mannos …
    cause the D-mannos party dont stooop!!

  12. XxLetsGetItxX Says:

    WORD! ITS A …

  13. bharrod Says:

    I called my local …
    I called my local city water treatment plant and the engineer there told me that R/O DOES remove the fluoride from the water. So where are your notes that say otherwise?

  14. menderfire9 Says:

    The D Manos party …
    The D Manos party reminds me of putting out rat traps with strong cheese in them attracting a gazillion rats from all over the place ..

  15. mm201918 Says:

    thanks man!

    My …
    thanks man!

    My wife suffers from this.

  16. UndergroundWellness Says:

    Reverse Osmosis …
    Reverse Osmosis doesn’t get rid of fluoride. The fluoride molecule is smaller than the water molecule. You need a special filter to get the fluoride out before it goes through the RO. This info is rather recent. I have the fluoride filter in my notes are home. I’ll post when I get to it.

  17. dynamicwellness33 Says:

    I have heard Dr. …
    I have heard Dr. Wright talk about this method, and it sounds good. But at the time its just a quick fix, i feel like its not getting to the underlying cause of the problem.

    Vaginal deposits of lactobassilus acidipholus will help change the balance of of bad bacteria to good bacteria, and at the same time change ph in a more acidic direction providing an environment that is more difficult for an E-coli overgrowth to occur.

    Raw d-mannose (with no added sugar) can be a second remedy.

  18. dynamicwellness33 Says:

    Usually pathogens …
    Usually pathogens in tap water are killed by the fluoried and chlorine, but that stuff alone will weaken your immune system, and make you more suseptible to other critters.

    Parasites like giardia can be found in lakes and some well water.

    Boiling water will not get rid of fluoride. Your best bet is to invest in a good reverse osmosis water filter, and use a high quality sea salt or himalayan salt to help replace any trace minerals you might lose from the filtration process.

  19. omegasher Says:

    I’ve never heard of …
    I’ve never heard of D manos but I’ve had chronic bladder infections in the past and d-mannose has always worked for me once I stopped taking the anti-bios from the doc anyway.
    I now rarely get BI’s if at all, what changed I stopped drinking Pop (!!!) and eating processed foods, and now it’s something that I never have to deal with. 🙂

  20. tubehax Says:

    lol this video was …
    lol this video was over the top funny and informative

  21. BWizer Says:

    wow! Thats where I …
    wow! Thats where I get mine!

  22. Anygma Says:

    I get mine at the …
    I get mine at the farmer’s market now, it’s totaly pure and undiluted. the kids drink it with just water, and sometimes i’ll add some stevia drops in it

  23. BWizer Says:

    most d-mannose …
    most d-mannose s are laced with too much sugar! youd get Sugar Diabetes trying to cure a Bladder infection ing with that Cleartract . lol!

  24. Anygma Says:

    a litter of 100% …
    a litter of 100% d-mannose always worked for me, with a lot of water and vitamin C, when i used to have them. has been a long time but i’ll keep D-mannose in mind if it ever happen again. great videos as always 🙂

  25. MMafight543 Says:

    good listen
    good listen

  26. Patsy Says:

    I keep having bladder infection’s and last time had a horrible allergic reaction to the antibodic I took. So thank you for this secret

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