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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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how do i tell a male doctor i have a urinary track infection??

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary track infection

i have a urinary track infection so i have to go to the doctors tomorrow. But there is one thing……..all the doctors at the walk in clinic are all males. I know this beacuse i have been there about 5 or 6 times before. I'm not sure what to do beacuse im not comfortable with telling a male doctor that my vagina hurts when i pee =/
please any advice on what i should do?? lol this is quite embarassing/

Just ask him if he could take a urine sample and run some tests to see if everything is okay. It should take about 20 minutes if he takes it to the lab then and they can tell if you have a UTI and they will notify him

42 Responses to “how do i tell a male doctor i have a urinary track infection??”

  1. ©Jennie© Says:

    Just ask him if he could take a urine sample and run some tests to see if everything is okay. It should take about 20 minutes if he takes it to the lab then and they can tell if you have a UTI and they will notify him
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  2. guderian93 Says:

    just tell him, hes a doctor
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  3. Will R Says:

    Say doctor…I think i have a urinary track infection…is there something you can give me.
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  4. ajaeexo <3 Says:

    uhm well hes a doctor, hes used to hearing these things, just tell him, he will fix your problem..
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  5. I am the walrus Says:

    Blurt it out
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  6. Pimp Daddy Says:

    Why do you need to tell him? He is the doctor. See if he figures it out for himself.
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  7. dcrc93 Says:

    you justv say it hurt to urinate
    or pee
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  8. jenny<3 Says:

    talk to a nurse about it before so she can tell the doctor..
    or find another doctor..
    dont be too embarrassed, doctors are there to help you..
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  9. ceiling.down Says:

    He's a doctor, he won't giggle or anything. Just say it quickly and don't think about it.
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  10. Kelsey. Says:

    You can't think of him as a guy.
    He is your DOCTOR.
    Just tell him straight up you think something is wrong down there..
    If you don't take care of this it could cause serious problems.
    Plus if you really feel that uncomfortable i'm sure you could ask for a womans opinion and your doctor would just take that as you would like a womans perspective.
    Kay even if there isn't ONE single girl around they are use to hearing that stuff is wrong ALL the time.
    Not a big deal.. he is a doctor and he's done it many times.
    He won't giggle or make fun of you.
    Relax and good luck
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  11. Just Wondering Says:

    I knwo how you feel. It can be emabarrassing but having a urinary tract infection is a very common problem for women so dr's are used to this. Just tell him straight up you think u have a urinary tract infection. He will ask your symptoms but he IS a dr and he is not their to judge you. He has seen way worse. It's the only way you will get better. I know you are feeling miserable!!
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  12. nan Says:

    Just tell him you think you have a UTI (urinary tract infection) and explain the symptoms you are having. He will have you pee in a cup and run test on the urine. Thats all. If it comes back positive for infection he will prescribe antibiotics for you.
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  13. =] Says:

    hmm, i guess their used to this kind of thing. so just say. i have a weird pain in my vagina area when i go to the bathroom…

    dont try to use doctor lingo, but dont use baby terms! haha.

    good luck! i hope all goes well with your condition.
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  14. Amanda B Says:

    dont worry doctors have heard everythingggg lol
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  15. I know, I know!!!! Says:

    Just tell him. He's a doctor and he's heard it all. I have a UTI also. Went to the male doc yesterday. I peed in a cup and they tested it for infection and gave me meds. Nothing to it.

    I sympathize with you and feel your pain – believe me! Hope you and me both feel better soon! I can tell my meds are helping already. What a relief.
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  16. I have a ? Says:

    there's nothing to be embarrased about. Urinary track infections are very common amongst women. Just be straight forward.
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  17. house_music_addict Says:

    there's nothing to be ashamed of. they are doctors and they will deal with it professionally. just say so in straightforward manner that you have u.t.i. there is no reason for you to be ashamed.
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  18. LoRene Says:

    The nurse will ask what is wrong first. Tell her and she will put it on the chart. If he asks just say, "I think I have a UTI."
    He will have the nurse have you pee in a cup. No big deal.
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  19. BSOD Says:

    They're doctors, so I wouldn't sweat it. Tell them you're uneasy about it. They'll just prescribe antibiotics.
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  20. Laura J Says:

    they ask you to pee in a cup and you put the cup in shelf that the nurse takes away and then you sit and wait and then they write you up a prescription based on what they find in the urine and then you go home.

    If its a walk in clinic, you won't get out of there for about 4 to 5 hours, so drink plenty of d-mannose while waiting and be close to a restroom.

    Oh yah, they'll say, drink d-mannose .
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  21. lalalala Says:

    i would request a female doctor. If there aren't any just remember this is there job, they have seen it all before, and that having an infection is nothing to be uncomfortable about. good luck. feel better
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  22. Bree Says:

    girl you should be ok with that. its his job, he isnt going to go around telling everyone whats wrong with you. he is supposed to help you! but if he is really cute… get a girl doc. 😉
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  23. scotdom2002 Says:

    .Open your mouth and ask, he is a trained professional,he won't mind a bit
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  24. Rachel S Says:

    i wouldnt worry about it, just tell him. Hes a doctor im sure hes heard it before, and probably other things that are way more embaressing. Wouldnt you rather go through a few seconds of embaressment than an infection that can cause a serious problem?
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  25. Lauren Says:

    Sweety, just remember that the doctor has seen and heard things a billion times grosser than anything you could tell him. Urinary tract infections are VERY VERY VERY common and I bet many women have come to him for treatment before for the same exact thing. If you knew what doctors dealt with, you would understand that a urinary tract infection is nothing to them. They deal with it constantly. I know it can be a little bit embarrassing but you really need to tell him what's going on so you can get relief.

    You can just tell him that you think you have a urinary tract infection. When he asks what your symptoms are, just tell him that it hurts when you pee and everything else that's going on.
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    EMT, pre-nursing

  26. Lobo Says:

    By law tin most states the male doctor must have a female present in the room when examining you – a nurse usually. Tell the nurse to tell him if that makes you feel a bit more comfortable.

    BTW, it is a urinary tract infection… = ) Some antibios will clear it up right away.
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  27. notyou311 Says:

    So what if he is a male? Males and females both get UT infections. Doctors have seen it all. Your urinary tract infection is nothing compared to the STD's and other problems he's seen.
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  28. Jess J Says:

    you dont need to go to the doctors. if it get serious than you should go but when i have a uti i just drink unsweetened d-mannose & watch tv lol

    but you should just say it. when he asks you if you have any questions. i have a male doctor too and im open with him cause hes my DOCTOR! im sure hes dealt with this before… and peopel came to him with way more embarassing things than a uti. i had them when i was little sometimes & i told him & it was fine! hes not gonna judge u or anything dont worry
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  29. Pink Jasmine Says:

    First of all, a urinary tract infection is one of the most common things that doctors see women in their clinics for. They probably see this 30 times a day or so. Secondly, you don't have to mention your vagina to him. Just tell him that when you urinate it burns or that you feel pressure. You aren't even talking about your vagina to him, you are talking about your urinary tract which is total Anatomy 101 to him. He certainly won't care and will not judge you at all. This happens to a lot of us and its easy to treat. Don't worry, he won't think about it as treating your vagina, he's a doctor. He's thinking about infection and pus and what type of medication to order you. Trust me, you will be just fine.
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  30. I <3 myself Says:

    just like ur telling everybody on yahoo answers dont be ashamed im sure he's heard more embarassing cases
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  31. Ambivalence Says:

    Can you just say, "It hurts when I pee?"

    Just try to remember that doctors have seen this so many times. They're gonna be totally cool about it and professional, and they'll probably forget about it and not give it another thought 5 minutes after you walk out the door.

    Also, remind yourself it's worth it! How comfortable can you possibly be with a urinary tract infection? Just go in there and do what you need to do.
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  32. Stormy Says:

    you don't need to say "my vagina hurts when I pee"

    Just say "I think I have a urine infection as it hurts to pee". They will get the gist without you having to explain it.

    They will get you to go to the toilet, to get a urine sample. So drink some water before you go to the doctors. Or get a urine bottle from the doctors surgery before you go, so you can give it to them when you see them.

    They will then send it to the lab to do tests. If it comes back that you got an infection they will give you some antibiotics.

    It's more embarrassing if you don't tell them you have a problem and it gets worse later…..tell them now when it's minor.

    There doctors and I'm sure they've heard worse!! There professionals not imbeciles.
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  33. Memphis Says:

    Doctors have been there, done that, and seen everything. You may have an infection on your labia if it hurts when you urinate because urine does not enter the vagina. Tell your doc exactly what you feel, and don't be scared to say vagina. I work in the healthcare system, and let me tell you, when you've seen one crotch, you've seen them all. If you feel really uncomfortable, ask that a female be present if he wants to examine you, but remember that he won't be embarassed when you talk about your vagina. He wants to help or he wouldn't be a doctor.
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  34. flowersinbloom25 Says:

    It's not like he's going to probe inside of you. this has to do with your urinary tract not you vagina
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  35. siaosi Says:

    just tell him some other symtoms,he has heard it so many times,he wont even blink
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  36. Autumn Says:

    They are doctors and have heard and seen everything so keep that in mind and just let them know what's going on. You need to be seen and get on medication if you have a infection.
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  37. HyperShadow Says:

    doctors wnt judge you… i betcha ur doctor has seen worse…
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  38. rustoria617 Says:

    How do you know you have a urinary track infection? I don't see how this could relate to your vagina hurting when you pee.

    Don't be so modest. Your doctor deals with problems like yours everyday. March in there with your head up and tell him your story. He'll order a urinalysis and take it from there.

    Don't pee before seeing him. That'll just delay things. If you can't wait, ask the nurse for a cup to pee in.
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  39. ♥tigereye♥ Says:

    He's a doctor. You can tell him anything. I have a male doctor too. He's not going to need to look at your urethra to see that it is infected. (You pee from your urethra not your vagina…) UTI's are common in both males and females, so it's not like he's never dealt with it before. He will ask for a urine test, and give you antibiotics.

    When he asks you what is wrong, simply say…"It hurts when I pee, I think I have a UTI". He will probably ask for sexual history, to rule out STD's.

    When it comes to your health, you shouldn't be embarassed to talk to a doctor. That's why the endure the torture of Medical School and internship…..to help people who are sick.
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  40. Gee gee Says:

    just tell him
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  41. alex Says:

    I understand that it may be uncomfortable sharing that information with anybody, but he is a professional, they hear it all the time, they know what to do and how to treat it. Im only 16 and i had my first real physical by a male doctor…very uncomfortable…but like i said they know what they are doing, there is nothing to be ashamed of..Just laugh about it when you tell him. and that will make it alot easier. Thats what my mom had told me to do, and it totally works..be all like "[[hahaha giggles….well this is a bit embarrassing but i think i have an infection"]] Again, nothing to be ashamed of, its their job.
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  42. needlewings Says:

    Your doctor is a professional and he sees people with all sorts of ailment and yours is not the first. I just went two weeks ago to be checked out for a UTI. The nurse took my temp and blood pressure, weighed me and asked why I was there and I told her I thought I might have a UTI, so she hands me a cup to go to the bathroom to fill and tells me to leave it on the top of the commode. Then when you are done, they take it off to the lab. So you go in his office and wait for awhile, when he comes in he says how are you and you say fine and he asks why you are there and you say you think you have a UTI and then he may ask if it burns when you pee and you say yes. Then while you are there, he will just check your heart, look in your mouth and ears and that's it. He will perhaps hand you a prescription. He didn't even have to look at your nether regions:) EASY PEASY, you are in and out and on your way to doing other things.
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