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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary track infection


My friend Nelson Denis and I do a little jam session and sing a bit of our made up on the spot hit song “Urinary Tract Infection”, plus Nelson tells “the greatest story ever told”.

Duration : 0:5:30


  1. audionautix Says:

    that was quite a …
    that was quite a video!!

  2. JoeFielding72 Says:

    That was awesome. …
    That was awesome. You two are stars. I would like to wish you both the best Friday and weekend ever. God bless you both and your family’s.

  3. GlimpseAfterGlimpse Says:

    Thanks-a-mundo ( …
    Thanks-a-mundo (Remember Fonzi from Happy Days?)

  4. trickyricky77 Says:

    I think you guys …
    I think you guys should have paid ME for watching that. lol. 😉 Good job Larry! But you sounded….different. 😛

  5. npo04 Says:

    I’m likin yer style …
    I’m likin yer style my friend!
    5 big fat rock hard stars from me!


  6. CDmagz Says:

    5 shiny, golden …
    5 shiny, golden Christmas stars for you !
    Love, Light, Health and Happiness,
    ….and Mérry Christmas !!!

    Your friends on CDMagz
    =xxx= *Annet*

  7. TheOneAndOnlyMe92 Says:

    haha nice!
    really …

    haha nice!
    really funny =p

  8. roadratuk Says:

    you made e spill me …
    you made e spill me beer through laughin,grt vid

  9. DTMTroy Says:

    wow this beats that …
    wow this beats that bible thing right to pieces as the greatest story ever told.the bible didn’t have ghostbusters in it lol.

  10. melindagilman Says:

    i hope ur peehole …
    i hope ur peehole dont burn..that would be awful.. hehehe.. but you guys played very well and that was an awesome story.. bang bang 🙂

  11. goYankeesgo Says:

    And now for the …
    And now for the greatest comment ever told on the greatest story ever told……….Crap i forgot it!

  12. kmiTVsooGood Says:

    man that nose …
    man that nose harmonica playing was impressive! cool video dudes

  13. jlaprise Says:

    Nelsons got Talent! …
    Nelsons got Talent!! Good job guys…the song is catchy, gonna try to dl it, (pssst, dont tell Phil!)
    ROTF, Johnny

  14. 1x3tzght Says:

    Oh, that was fun! …
    Oh, that was fun! You are both very gifted entertainers. Thank you for the insight into your show!

  15. bowlingballout Says:

    You do a very good …
    You do a very good “Fred” impersonation 😛

  16. PDXvlog Says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for bringing such an important subject as UTIs in the forefront. 🙂 (PS LMAO at the related videos!)


  17. mom4education Says:

    I don’t know, Mr. …
    I don’t know, Mr. Studly…maybe you might think about sticking to your instructional art vids with Mr. Art Gallery. I kinda miss ’em (my personal favorites.).

    However, the urinary tract infection ditty, well it got me to thinkin’ ’bout the time I almost had one, but I didn’t. So…there ya go.

    Orange, California USA

    P.S. The young musician in your vid. WOW! Talent there! (o:

  18. evilbrainproductions Says:

    cool guys!
    cool guys!

  19. nek1555 Says:

    The Urinary Tract …
    The Urinary Tract Infection song is so catchy, I will be singing that to myself at work today. 🙂

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