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Pee After Sex

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection cause

Scott Alexander, underappriciated rockstar cares about your health and feelings. This is a very special public service announcement

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25 Responses to “Pee After Sex”

  1. ptguy1977 Says:

    I have had UTI a …
    I have had UTI a lot and im not sure why but I have to make sure I clean up very well after sex. It really sucks!

  2. Ram0naDee Says:

    hahah nice…
    hahah nice…

  3. Chrystal80 Says:

    yep, it’s very true …
    yep, it’s very true. I wish I knew this earlier. I have had quite a few UTI’s, some due to not peeing after sex and some for other reasons. But my God, it’s the most horrible sensation ever when you have a UTI 🙁

    So girlies, please make sure you pee after sex! (it can actually feel good too, which is a bonus lol). Wash out that bacteria that could have gotten in! Yeehaww 🙂

  4. angel5006 Says:

    i have a UTI it …
    i have a UTI it hurts alot make shure to peeeee

  5. clowwny Says:

    I was waiting fro …
    I was waiting fro some man sex to happen then 3 broads popped up… this was an emotional roller coaster!

  6. xtreme0001 Says:

    wow..who’s the man …
    wow..who’s the man now.. ^_^
    nice post!

  7. kakastrontmaster Says:


  8. GBGummyBearsGB Says:

    it hurts to pee …
    it hurts to pee after tho.

  9. raulitech Says:


  10. NintendoGamer012 Says:

    you have garageband!
    you have garageband!

  11. mindor100 Says:

    What does a UTI …
    What does a UTI haev to do with sex. What is the guys penis dirty and his germs are travelling up your ureter? Come on. I’ve been having sex for years and never had UTI.

  12. TorontoBoi Says:

    i don’t know why, …
    i don’t know why, but that cracked me up. hilarious.

  13. Fredo777 Says:

    First, I was like …
    First, I was like yay!

    Then, I was like…rip-off.

  14. scrottums Says:

    thanks scott 😉
    thanks scott 😉

  15. trinidancer89 Says:

    wow i’m so glad …
    wow i’m so glad someone posted this lol i had to learn the hard way!!! lol its true. uti’s attack you like a if u dont pee right away.
    so pee after sex!

  16. tiko0707 Says:

    thats prity lol
    thats prity lol

  17. hamdenlax897 Says:

    at first I was like …
    at first I was like gay…. then I was like yay

  18. autoerratica Says:

    One of a litany of …
    One of a litany of things that everyone needs to know and nobody ever mentions.

  19. jazzsaxage Says:

    No, it’s that if …
    No, it’s that if you DON’T, you heighten the chance of getting a urinary tract infection. So it’s always healthier, actually, to pee afterwards, hahaha.

  20. Lucedaddy Says:

    No it hurts if you …
    No it hurts if you don’t

  21. littwinski Says:

    so if you pee after …
    so if you pee after sex it hurts?

  22. aas9064 Says:


  23. FRii3NDSFAN43V3R Says:

    Hmm,, Handy To Know …
    Hmm,, Handy To Know,, Lmao.


    yes i pee after sex …
    yes i pee after sex…lol

  25. wittykitty86 Says:

    So true… been …
    So true… been there, done that…. ouch…. 🙁

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