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Cripple Kitten – Updates 15December2007 | Urinary Tract Infection ?

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Cripple Kitten – Updates 15December2007

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary track infection

It’s another Saturday, the vet clinic was full of people and their fur kids. I have a long cue ahead and since the doc is a good friend, I ‘smuggled’ Alera into the operation room, lol, just to wait there and avoid the crowd. At this time of writing, the doc still not 100% sure and couldn’t determined whether Alera biting was due to psychological effect, that’s why he didn’t give the anti-anxiety medicine.

However he said all this might have been started from the urinary tract infection in the first place and Alera started to feel stress, which lead to licking, biting and so on. He will continue with the antibiotic and let the wound heal first. By the way, he has also given Alera anti-histamine injection just now.

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25 Responses to “Cripple Kitten – Updates 15December2007”

  1. RYEUD Says:

    keep goind alrea …
    keep goind alrea your leg is getting better!!!

  2. thereseball Says:

    wlovever you wanna …
    wlovever you wanna to think. it’s a free world and everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

  3. Grampylove Says:

    Poor cat, I’m glad …
    Poor cat, I’m glad it’s doing better now. Good thing you didn’t listen to all these randoms claiming to be in the medical field. Chances are, it’s just some person using multiple accounts trying to validate themselves.

  4. ngothyeaun Says:

    One more comment …
    One more comment from you without reading the whole story, you shall be block. Last warning.

  5. blackwind2007 Says:

    floridagirl1523 and …
    floridagirl1523 and thereseball is right! Cut off that poor kitty’s leg. What you’re doing is just plain cruel!

  6. thereseball Says:

    Sorry, I know I …
    Sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t comment again, but when I feel my veterinary expertise is being questioned, I had to clarify my point a bit more. Enough said, I’m sure you & the vet will decide what’s best for Alera. But, if it were my cat (and I have several), I wouldn’t hesitate to amputate.

  7. thereseball Says:

    Every veterinarian …
    Every veterinarian like every human doctor is going to have a different opinion. I have been a surgical istant in NUMEROUS amputations and have yet to see any complications. The procedure is NOT as traumatic as people think and as I mentioned, most animals are up and about the next day. Alera’s leg is useless to begin with. Now it’s an open wound, painful, he’s chewing at it. Why keep him suffering.

  8. floridagirl1523 Says:

    I know there are …
    I know there are risks to amputation and there are no guarantees, but believe me, I work in REAL LIFE with humans who require amputation; if there is a risk of overwhelming infection, this is what any surgeon who say or do. Again, I am not trying to offend you; I am just trying to offer some information you may want to consider. Also, why does this vet not wear any gloves?

  9. floridagirl1523 Says:

    It is apparent that …
    It is apparent that he is very uncomfortable and in pain. If he keeps biting himself and having recurrent infections, then he is at risk for gangrene, ociated sepsis (dessiminated infection) and death; if his infection does not heal and there is no way to keep him from biting himself, then amputation would probably be his best shot.

  10. floridagirl1523 Says:

    I have been reading …
    I have been reading all the comments and have been following Alera’s story for a while. Thomas, I think it is a wonderful thing that you do, and you are obviously a warm, caring person with a great heart. It is obvious you want the best for Alera and would do anything for him. However, being in the medical field and having an understanding about infections and indications for amputation, I felt that I needed to comment. Please read on…

  11. Bahdack Says:

    You of all people …
    You of all people should know the risk involved. Why subject Alera to such an invasive operation when it’s needless in the first place? You may claim to be a “veterinary technician” over the internet but Thomas is seeing a veterinarian in REAL LIFE. Seeing as how a credible veterinarian said amputation was unnecessary just hammers home my point.

  12. Bahdack Says:

    You obviously …
    You obviously aren’t comprehending what I’m trying to say so I’ll try to be more clear. Amputation is not an end all cure all solution. Ask ANY doctor and they’ll tell you that it should be a last resort, not a first option. Amputation is a serious surgery that has no guarantee of coming out smoothly or without complications during the surgery and healing process.

  13. thereseball Says:

    I never said put …
    I never said put him to sleep and NEVER would suggest that. You obviously love him very much and are doing everything you can for him. I am just saying that amputation is a realistic and humane option. Animals recover from amputation usually within a day or two. It is not as risky & invasive as you have stated. I’m sorry if I upset you and will not comment again.

  14. ngothyeaun Says:

    You already …
    You already mentioned you are in vet field. I know and the viewers know. You look at things at a very skin deep. In first place, you said put him to sleep. Now you wan me to cut his leg off. If he ever healed, which I believe he will. What is your next comment, I wonder.

  15. ngothyeaun Says:

    I am speechless.
    I am speechless.

  16. Bahdack Says:

    Like I said, …
    Like I said, amputation should be a last resort, not a first. The leg can be SAVED so why go through the complicated and risky process of amputation? Since you claim to be a “veterinary technician,” then you should know the risk involved in the operation. Like any invasive operations, there’s never a guarantee that everything will go smoothly. Not to mention the rehabilitation process will be just as long and tedious as saving the leg.

  17. thereseball Says:

    The ‘medical reason …
    The ‘medical reason’ to do so is that the bone is exposed, he’s in pain, he can’t use the leg anyway, etc. etc. I am a veterinary technician and have seen many animals recover from amputation like nothing ever happened. Why continue to make this poor boy suffer with a leg that was, and is even more so now, useless & painful??

  18. Bahdack Says:

    Amputation should …
    Amputation should be a last resort, not a first option. There’s just as much risk and complication when it comes to amputation. Alera’s leg has a chance to be saved so why go through a complicated and risky operation when there’s no medical reason to do so?

  19. thereseball Says:

    It’s obvious you …
    It’s obvious you love him & want the best for him. But you REALLY need to consider what you’re putting this poor cat thru w/constant Vet visits, bandage changes, stress, pain, meds, etc. He’s a ‘special needs’ kitty who had no use of his hind limbs to being with. WHY are you so concerned about keeping one of those hind legs that he can’t even use? It’s causing him so much distress & pain. For Alera’s sake, PLEASE allow the vet to amputate. It’s the most loving thing you could do for him.

  20. Kumbulu Says:

    At least the tummy …
    At least the tummy wound is almost healed. Poor little Alera. He looks to be in pain.

    Still sending lots of calming and healing vibes across the oceans. ♥ ♥ ♥

  21. chubbycheeks2 Says:

    Big baby Alera is …
    Big baby Alera is looking to be on the road to recovery, I don’t know if he would me in a very playful mood but I wonder if he has any cat toys to chew and play with. I’m not saying that they would makea subsitute for his leg for him, I just thought maby they would relive some stress. Having said that you give him so much wonderful attention and care toys may not mesure up in his feline mind 🙂

  22. SeaMowse Says:

    That’s an …
    That’s an interesting point. I never thought about it like that. However, I do believe that Alera is neutered.

  23. Anatinea Says:

    Has Alera been …
    Has Alera been spayed/neutered? This may help calm him/her down. If Alera is male, this will definitely help, as unneutered males have roaming tendancies. Alera obviously can’t do that, so this many be contributing to his stress.

  24. SeaMowse Says:

    It looks like Alera …
    It looks like Alera is making further progress! I’m wondering if the biting is due to the small possibility that the nerves in his leg are slowly regenerating. I noticed that he protests alot more now – maybe he has some feeling? Keep up the good work, Alera, Thomas & Alera’s vet.

  25. countryguylp Says:

    your an idiot
    your an idiot

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