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Cripple Kitten – Updates 16November2007

Posted by: admin  :  Category: urinary tract infection cause

Today is one of those ‘difficulty’ days. Alera urinated a lot since afternoon and it is still going on. I have changed 3 diapers in a row within half an hour. The belly just full of urine. He usually drink lots of water everyday but he doesn’t urinate everyday though like the rest. He is not feeling very well and moody.

Sometimes he would hold the urine until a day or two then would let it out little by little. But today he seemed to let out A LOT. I brought him to vet after that and it was getting worst, he urinated with blood. The following is what the vet has told me.

1. Lower urinary tract infection
2. Bladder distension due to cystitis
3. Hematuria-urine with blood.

The vet performed some scanning process on Alera and according to him the kidneys are alright. It is just the bladder contain lots of urine ( dirty urine ). He has given Alera a shot of antibiotic and some pain killer. He also recommended low ph food for Alera and asked me not to feed him with current food that I have at home. The low ph food is from Ekanuba. Alera is not eating and lost his appetite and he just hide himself at the corner of the cage.

Duration : 0:5:57

25 Responses to “Cripple Kitten – Updates 16November2007”

  1. Shadechidna Says:

    Sounds to me like …
    Sounds to me like an infection of some kind…I hope he gets well D:

  2. RYEUD Says:

    i hope alera gets …
    i hope alera gets better D:

  3. pinkfox253 Says:

    he’s come so far …
    he’s come so far from that little kitten we’ve all watched.

  4. capnquack Says:

    That cat doesn’t …
    That cat doesn’t suffer. You have to look at his other videos – it acts like a happy normal cat most of the time – he does seem to have a few more difficulties than most (can’t scratch himself, so he chews his itches, bladder issues) but the cat acts very much like a cat most of the time. When cats are suffering they do not act normally.

  5. sachathecat Says:

    Why don’t you learn …
    Why don’t you learn to express Alera’s bladder manually? When my cat was paralyzed briefly we did this several times a day. Otherwise he was prone to infections with blood in the urine as well. There’s a demonstration on how to do this here:

    handicappedpets (dot) com (slash) Articles (slash) express

  6. shadoe185 Says:

    Poor baby. My cat …
    Poor baby. My cat had the same. Took a while to clear up. Changed from dry to wet pouch food and it has not come back. Will say a prayer for Alera.

  7. ngothyeaun Says:

    please check the …
    please check the updates above.
    he is on livecam

  8. Kingbowserjr621 Says:

    give us updates of …
    give us updates of baby alera how is he doing

  9. Kingbowserjr621 Says:

    oh man i fear hes …
    oh man i fear hes gonna die i DONT want HIM TO DIE YET if he dies he will Leave thousands crying

  10. RosyB9 Says:

    We are praying and …
    We are praying and hope for sweet Baby Alera to get well and live for many years, bless him. :*-O

  11. ngothyeaun Says:

    Updates 18 Nov :

    Updates 18 Nov :

    You can see Alera’s recorded videos at


    or live cam below :


  12. ngothyeaun Says:

    How do you define …
    How do you define suffering?
    He is just not feeling well and the vet has seen WORST case than this and the kitty walks healthy the following months.
    Putting down an animals is just an excuse and for men convenience sake.
    But I doubt you will get that too. No body and no ‘living creature’ want to die but I think you still won’t get it.

  13. Americanacat Says:

    Alera has been such …
    Alera has been such a survivor, and you are an amazing person for all you do for animals. Alera will let you know when he’s read to quit. I wish you both the best.

  14. Americanacat Says:

    You are a …
    You are a despicable excuse for a human being. Hope that’s what happens to you at the end of your life – grabbed by the neck and suffocated – the sooner the better.

  15. ualuuanie Says:

    I am all for giving …
    I am all for giving life a chance. I was so against the 10yr life span of a dog when I was in the army ( upon 10yrs put to sleep ). But to prolong a life and have it suffer all the time?

  16. ngothyeaun Says:

    mm…I have no …
    mm…I have no comment for you. I just want to say, ‘Give life a chance’.
    But will you?

  17. janet1014 Says:

    lets stop feeding …
    lets stop feeding EsotericDesi and let him “cross the rainbow”. he seems to be a boil on the of mankind anyway.

  18. ualuuanie Says:

    Think about it …
    Think about it right now its suffering maybe its better off put to sleep to end its suffering? I am not being cruel or what but don’t you think its more cruel to prolong its suffering day by day?

  19. Elsa2Bud Says:

    Give Alera hugs and …
    Give Alera hugs and lots of love for us. I am sure he will pull through.

  20. kahmad12345 Says:

    Alera still looks a …
    Alera still looks a hundred times better from when you first picked her up off of the street – many thanks to you.

  21. kahmad12345 Says:

    What is the point …
    What is the point of you trying to insert your worthlessness in here exactly? Who’s laughing? You? That’s it? Impressive…

  22. rz91z7 Says:

    you are a piece of …
    you are a piece of human waist would you want someone to give up on you if you were sick or disabled i glad there are people out there that take the time to help the unwanted and helpless

  23. EsotericDesi Says:

    Grab this “Baby …
    Grab this “Baby Alera” by the neck, and suffocate the and end of the story… W/ this much time you spent on cleaning her poop and vomits, you could have watched TV or saved some other cat or dog that’s actually more “Liveable.”… Or, Stop feeding the kitty… She’ll “Cross The Rainbow” within very short time, 72 hours the most.

  24. Joan3424 Says:

    Awm poor Alera, he …
    Awm poor Alera, he is so good through all of this, so gentle. I pray he gets better soon!

  25. chloecat24 Says:

    Oh, I hope he gets …
    Oh, I hope he gets back to his playful self soon!

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