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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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How do you cure a urinary tract infection in a rabbit?

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Take it to a vet.

6 Responses to “How do you cure a urinary tract infection in a rabbit?”

  1. Dee Says:

    Take it to a vet.
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  2. Martha G Says:

    How do you know your bunny has a urinary tract infection? If you are guessing it is best to go to a rabbit savvy vet. You can read up on UTI's at this site:

    Do you have a rabbit savvy vet? If not, be sure you select one who knows how to treat rabbits – not all do. Here is a link that can help you select the right vet.
    and if you look through http://www.rabbit.org you'll get pointers on what to look for.
    Hope your bunny is OK
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    have 3 house rabbits and help with rabbit rescue

  3. robins_rodents Says:

    If you suspect your rabbit has a UTI, please take him to the vet as soon as possible.

    If you think you are seeing blood in the urine, remember that rabbit's urine often turns red after being exposed to the air, and an experienced rabbit owner can tell this lighter red color from the presence of blood, but if you are not sure, take him to a vet immediately, as urinary tract infections are quite painful.
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  4. Kellye B Says:

    First off, how do you know that your rabbit has a urinary tract infection? Second, the only way to cure a UTI in a rabbit is to take your bunny to a rabbit-savvy vet for antibiotics.
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    Rabbit breeder for 15 years and house bunny owner since the day I was born!!

  5. snapszen Says:

    By going to the vet. You can find one here http://www.rabbit.org
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  6. misty w Says:

    how do you know thats what the rabbit has i would go to a vet they can diagnose an give you the proper meds
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