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How To Clear a UTI in 1-3 Days at Home

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This is what could happen if you neglect a Urinary Tract Infection.

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25 Responses to “UTI”

  1. Bimboesque Says:

    Apparently UTI is …
    Apparently UTI is common in women… try baking soda one teaspoon in a glass of water.. it alchalises the pee and helps to rid the infection… but this is only if you can’t get to a doctor… eg: if it is sunday and they are closed… you need a doctor BADDDD if you have a uti

  2. tarkan525201 Says:

    my aunt has one, …
    my aunt has one, but she doesnt have health insurance cant afford it
    she drinks d-mannose but she is in misery

  3. flatsignedbooks Says:

    those little …
    those little antibiotics can really do a # on the body. I will have a video about Blue Urine posted soon. Yes, BLUE urine.

  4. irreplacableFTW Says:

    ive got uti now…

    ive got uti now…
    im just comming off it thanx to the antibiotics
    its the most painfull thing ever!! so look after urself ladys trust me you do not want it…OUCH

  5. GaM3rDarriN Says:

    I am having the …
    I am having the same syptoms 🙁 I have had it for about 3 days my back pain is intense

  6. Melissa230984 Says:

    UTI are the most …
    UTI are the most nasty and painful things to have. I remeber not sleeping for weeks with this. My doctor prescribed Norfen which seems to do the trick….

  7. wtfolk Says:


    buy it at a health food store. and i swear on my body, your infection will go away within 1-3 days. no pain.

    google that , meng. it’s true.

  8. Cflynn16 Says:

    see thats why u …
    see thats why u dont injore it…I get them all the time! the first time I had it for a month cause I didnt know wat it was….the other 15 million times…was short cause I caught it quick!!…THE TRICK IS CATCH THEM QUICK AND DONT AVOID IT!!…u gotta know when to go the doc…sometimes I dont have too…sometimes I do!!..so read ur body!!

  9. kaoruneko16 Says:

    I’m really lucky …
    I’m really lucky not to worry about health care costs. You get a cookie if you can guess why.

  10. kathiibabii3 Says:

    i love it now 🙁

    i love it now 🙁
    going to the doctors tomorrow morning
    i think i might have kidney infection too because my back hurts like crazy but i only had UTI symptoms for 1 day


  11. MSSWEET35I Says:

    thank you for …
    thank you for sharing what you went through. I was told yesterday by my Dr. that I have a UTI which I never had before. I started taking antibiotics today. hope it does the job. Thank God you went to hospital in time, did not know it could get that bad.

  12. MSSWEET35I Says:

    thanks for sharing …
    thanks for sharing this information. Just yesterday I was informed by my Dr. that I have a UTI and was prescribed antibiotics. I started taking them today. hope they do the job. I didn’t know it could get that bad. lots of good comments here!

  13. hbomb2704 Says:


  14. hbomb2704 Says:

    you have to urine …
    you have to urine after sexual intercourse-within 15 minutes afterwards, stay clean, and if you are prone to them drink lots of sugar free d-mannose it totally helps.

  15. tresicle Says:

    i currently have it …
    i currently have it , it is VERY painful , i cry whenever i urinate

  16. consmare Says:

    to avoid getting …
    to avoid getting UTI, you must
    – Drink more water
    – Wash up before and after sex (ur partner should wash up too)
    – Use lactacyd, not soap to wash your private parts

  17. inspector389 Says:

    is it wierd for …
    is it wierd for guys to get them? i got one from getting chlymadia and it was one of the most painful things i have ever had. the buring was the worst part

  18. jhblevins1975 Says:

    That sounds bad. I …
    That sounds bad. I had a bad UTI once. I didnt get the fever or the chills, I just noticed that my pee was pink with blood and slight cramping. I started getting bad cramps and the next day my pee looked like cherry coke. I went to the hospital and they about choked when they saw my urine sample!! So now I go to the doctor if I get any weird feelings.

  19. nancy4366 Says:

    Try D-mannose next …
    Try D-mannose next time. Look it up.

  20. TrunksChan Says:

    Well you can get it …
    Well you can get it as a Sexually Transmitted Infection, you can get it from not using the bathroom after sex. In the early stages, the UTIs don’t hurt much(at least mine didn’t), it’s just a little sting when you use the bathroom, but I’m sure it gets much much worse later on. Thankfully I’ve always gotten mine taken care of quickly. 🙂

  21. TrunksChan Says:

    Yep. I think that’s …
    Yep. I think that’s one way of getting a UTI. 🙁 Don’t do it!

  22. DaColt88 Says:

    get well soon
    get well soon

  23. chainganglady06 Says:

    Can You Get a …
    Can You Get a bacteria From Holding in your urine for a long period of time.Becasue my gurlfriend says shes been doing this dunno y can someone help

  24. pedroo2006 Says:

    I have it every 3 …
    I have it every 3 weeks or so ……I know what you’re talking about.its the worst…

  25. r4dndomQu3stions Says:

    … especially …
    … especially since I dont have medical insurance.

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